About us



We are a collaborative global network on sustainable environmental solutions which allows you to access high-quality information and share stories, experiences and lessons learned with the SEN community.

Our Goal is to…

Give visibility to the socio-environmental solutions that are being carried out globally. Facilitate access to information, so citizens and organizations can get to know the existing actions and encourage cooperation between them.


“To facilitate cooperation, information, collaboration and knowledge integration to build a better sustainable world for the well-being of humanity.”


“Our vision is to be the world’s most dynamic environmental community, sharing sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, and healthier life for people everywhere.”

Meet our team

Mayra Lacruz - Co-Founder & CEO

Mayra drives SEN’s strategic vision and is responsible for implementing existing plans and policies, ensuring the successful management and setting future strategy.

Claudio Sonsini - Co-Founder & COO

Claudio is responsible for controlling SEN's day-to-day activities and managing operations and directing the development and installation of procedures and controls

Eryka Augusto - Chief Marketing Officer​

Eryka leads the global marketing strategy, develops new markets and products, improves Web usability and user experience, develops actions to drive web traffic, and builds a user community

Luis Pacheco - Chief Technology Officer

Luis is responsible for the development of the website, the technology, infrastructure and security policies, user/customer data, team members and all other stakeholders involved in the company.​

Maria Mileva - Sustainability Strategist

Maria is the one who unleashes new ideas, inspires and connects professionals, mentors, researching fundraising opportunities, partnerships and organizations to SEN.

Mirian Viqueira - Regional Coordinator - Argentina

Mirian represents SEN through events and meetings that take place in Argentina. Her passion is the study of early warning systems for climatic and volcanic threats.

Irene Correia - Regional Coordinator - United Kingdom

Irene represents SEN through events and meetings that take place in the United Kingdom. As a Forest Engineer, a significant part of her current remit is the land management of sensitive areas.

Gabriel Quiroz - Regional Coordinator - Spain

Gabriel represents SEN through events and meetings that take place in Spain. He is dedicated to identifying and mapping hazards associated with water phenomena (floods), geological/geotechnical phenomena.

Cristina Vanegas - Regional Coordinator - Mexico

Cristina represents SEN through events and meetings that take place in Mexico. She ensures the minimization of damage to human life and, secondarily, the damage to property and infrastructure.

Daniela Garcia - Regional Coordinator - Germany

Daniela represents SEN through events and meetings that take place in Germany. She is specialist in recruiting, interviewing and placing workers. She also handle employee relations, benefits and training of SEN team.

Andre Timm - Local Coordinator - Spain

André supports team actions such as developing ideas, organizing workshops or researching partners. Coming from an industrial background he can provide advices for technical innovations, experience with international coworking and coordination of project deployment.

Gilmara Roble - Regional Coordinator - Brazil

Gilmara represents SEN through events and meetings that take place in Brazil. She has experience on research line social responsibility, qualities life at work, business administration and human Resources area.

We are looking for collaborators from all over the world

Regional Coordinators

By becoming a RC you will be able to organize activities with us in your city/organization with other professionals and designing activities as workshops, awareness campaigns, networking events, help the growth of the community in your city, connecting stakeholders, find collaborative partnerships opportunities.

SEN Mentors


SEN mentors will collaborate with their guidance, experience and collaboration to drive and develop the network. SEN seeks mentors in one or more of the following areas: circular economy, smart cities, sustainable tourism, water management, marine life.

SEN Ambassadors


Being a SEN ambassador by bringing new people and organisations on board and encouraging them to make action. We want you to be the voice of SEN and communicate our activities and help us to create a community of people who want to change the world.



We are looking for a multidisciplinary team of professionals who knows the importance of taking action to make a more sustainable planet. You can help us to improve our network, with purpose, development opportunities, environmental and social benefits and a working culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. 

What people are saying about us...

"SEN is an excellent way to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, share knowledge and raise awareness to fight climate change and take pragmatic action towards a healthier and more sustainable world!"
“SEN is an important transdisciplinary intellectual platform that responds to a pressing need for an international promotion and dissemination of new developments in sustainability. SEN is ideally placed to facilitate and strengthen strategic partnerships between stakeholders through joint actions to address global sustainability challenges”.
"I have to say that SEN is one of the most ambitious and needed projects I have ever seen. In the environmental problem the whole planet is suffering nowadays, there is not option to make mistakes or to waste efforts".
"Nowadays SEN is precisely the type of initiative that we need because this platform gives everyone the knowledge that we need to combat climate change and its consequences. In addition, the essence of the project is amazing professionals which who is always rewarding to collaborate".

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