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This is a great way to impact the lives of others and make them have a good memory of you for the rest of their lives. You might be wondering if is possible for you to influence people..

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Through guest blogging, you have the chance to capture a wider audience and make an impression on new people. Moreover, a good article can bring you more blog followers...

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By sharing quality posts on our blog you will be able to interact with our global audience in the comment section and make them feel good. This will strengthen and build Long term relationships..

Minimum Requirements


• The suggested length for articles is between 400-750 words.

• Articles should be easy to read, engaging and informational.

• We do not accept posts that are ONLY promotional in nature (except you are discussing an important cause). Posts must be relevant to our audience. If you are interested in sponsored posts, please contact us.

• Please hyperlink or list all original sources or references.

• We highly recommend you provide photos with your submission (permission must be obtained from original source). Photo format: web-optimized JPEG

• We fallback the right to reject submissions at our preference.

• Articles will be reviewed and may be edited to fulfil with our guidelines..

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Environmental Education
Environmental Pollution
Food & Agriculture
Green Building
Green Tech
Health & Wellbeing
land use
Policies & Strategies
Renewable Energy
Sea Life
Smart City
Social Vulnerability
Sustainable Mobility
Sustainable Tourism
Waste management
Water management

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Requirements and Policies

- All articles must be original, unique and exclusively submitted for use only on SEN and cannot be republished on third-party sites.

- Must be in English, proper grammar * We will check for plagiarism, and if flagged as such, we will not publish it.

- Affiliate links are strictly forbidden


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