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Provide solutions for everyone working on saving the planet; the kind of answer which has been proven effective in the face of any environmental risk or damage.....

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Share sustainable glocal information about what you and others do, offering you a connection with local works and the opportunity to cooperate with them.....

Environmental ambassadors

Through SEN and its network of environmental ambassadors, projects will be developed and coordinated to help in adaptation to climate change effects.....

Minimum Requirements

SEN receives a considerable number of submissions per day. Procedures would be faster if you follow our Submissions Guideline. For every submission, it may take up to 5 days to receive a response. We only accept submissions of projects drawn up as from 2000.

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Explain: Key Facts, The problem, The Solution, how your project can Helping people and how are you Helping the planet

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Licencia de Creative CommonsAll published projects will be licensed by Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional.


1) I am not the author; how can I submit a project?

If you are not the author of the project, you cannot make a commercial use of it. You must specify the project sources on the Author Information Form.

2) If you represent an organization, public authority, university or company…

Please, fill the Project Credit Form with the name of the organization, university or civil society and everything related to it. You can also upload your projects from an organization profile.


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