How Does Sustainable Tourism Help Protect the Environment?

8:02 pm, 9 August 2017 | by SEN Team | Category:- Sustainable Tourism

Tourism has been contributing a lot everywhere in the world. However, it will not give the same result over and over if people do not maintain it properly. That’s why we need sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism definition

Is a concept of tourism which takes full responsibility of economical, social, and environmental impacts either in present or future. From the definition, some of you may be mistaken it for ecotourism. They may be similar yet still different in the same time. In fact, you can consider it as the sub-category of sustainable tourism.


It will need the participation of local people in the maintenance, development, and improvement of tourism.


Ecotourism is responsible for natural areas by conserving the nature. It also enhances the well being of local people. The difference of both terms is that ecotourism aims to minimalize negative impacts toward tourism, while sustainable tourism is a complex, standarized, and continous system. Although their scope is different, they are still the same in vision and mission.

To make it clearer, let us give you an example for each. The sustainable tourism examples are riding a bike to travel a city, buying local products, using eco-friendly accommodation, etc. The examples of ecotourism are hiring a local people to guide you for watching birds or staying in a homestay owned by local people. This way can contribute to the economy of the locals.

Sustainable Tourism

There are several indicators which can increase sustainable tourism development.

First, it will need the participation of local people in the maintenance, development, and improvement of tourism. Second, stakehholders and other parties who got involved in the development need to participate as well. Third, we must limit or even stop the use of non-renewable resources. Last but not least, local society must be accommodated in tourism activity so there will be harmonious atmosphere between the locals, tourists, and places.


As you can see, sustainability in tourism is really important. It is because everyone will get the benefits of it. For example, the locals will take you to some amazing spots, and you have helped their economy by hiring them as your tour guide. What’s more is that they will converse every natural tourist attraction so that many people still can visit there in the future. Of course it will need a proper sustainable tourism management to get that result. The need for change in our daily lives is important to win the fight of all global environmental issues.

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