How Local People and Politicians Fight Global Warming

10:23 am, 19 November 2017 | by SEN Team | Category:- Environmental Pollution

In an effort to reduce the impact of Global Warming, regional leaders and mayors are required to take lead in reducing the carbon emissions and keeping global warming below 2 degrees. This is based on the Paring Climate Agreement that is signed by the National Government. There are also some alliances that join this meeting to talk about global warming and find the solution.

It is undeniable that the local people in the cities have a big role to meet the goals, there is a lot of tips to help you protect the environment. The regional leaders will only control and take some steps to handle this issue while the local people will help the local leaders reach the purposes. It is all because 70% of global greenhouse gases are coming from energy and transport. In addition, there are so many people who live in cities and it will increase by 2050.

sea level rise
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Mayors in many cities from all around the world have a duty to introduce regulations and laws in order to fight global warming that cause’s climate change. In this case, Oslo becomes one of the world countries that are willing to take an action to find a solution to this global warming issue. Oslo has many cities and they are about to reduce the emission level-up to 1.3 billion tons of Carbon dioxide by 2030.

The people who live near the sea or beach will get the bad impact of global warming. Since the carbon emission gets increase every day, the air temperature will also increase and will make the ice in the north and South Pole melt. In this case, the sea level will be rising and it will get even worse by 2100 that increases the sea level up to 2 meters. Nowadays, there are some areas that already get the impact. For example, most of the people in Solomon Island who live by the sea already get an impact on rising sea level.

Finally, Global environmental issues must be solved immediately because it can give a bad impact toward our environment. Local governments, leaders, and mayors from all around the world have to take a quick action to solve this issue. In addition, the people in the cities also have a big role in helping the government to reach the goal.


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