Sustainable Mobility, Beyond a Trend

11:43 am, 28 March 2018 | by SEN Team | Category:- Smart City, Sustainable Mobility

What do you think is sustainable mobility?

Our elevator pitch is that is about all movements that are sustainable, or in other words that ensure that generations after us have at least the same quality and possibilities. Do not overexploit. Easier said than done. That is why this insight discusses the why and how of working towards a sustainable mobility culture.

Principle of sustainability: Balance between three Ps

Mobile workers are taken into account. The ability to move is crucial for the economic as well as the social cultural development of each individual. It allows us to ‘live’ with each other and ensures that we live quality of life.

And because mobility involves so many costs, some countries are drawing a map of the sustainability principle. People are at the heart of this. After all, increasing pollution, insecurity on the road, traffic jams, etc. are constantly reducing our quality of life. In an environment that is becoming less liveable.

It is 5 to 12 to take structural measures. That is why most be a balance between three elements: economic, social and ecological. Or “Profit, People, Planet”.

Rules of thumb for sustainable mobility

The 4 rules summarize sustainable mobility:

  • The most important thing is the freedom to participate in activities. Even if you have to move around in order to do so;
  • Proximity and concentration of these activities ensure that you cover so few (motorised) kilometres. So proximity is the best mobility. With priority for quality travel for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • If you still have to cover a large distance, it is best to opt for collective or public transport;
  • And only use the car ‘correctly’. So only for (medium) long distances for which there is no solid alternative.

In short: the right travel mode, which is affordable, ecologically sound, safe and just for the right travel.

Towards a sustainable mobility culture

Do we think about the way we move around? Most of us do that on autopilot. In the meantime, almost everyone wants to be ‘green’. Without effectively doing anything to protect our environment. And to make our journeys safer and more efficient.

We advocate a sustainable mobility culture. From Flanders to Europe (and beyond). Within that culture it is a constant search for balance between the 3 Ps. This requires everyone to be ‘aware’ of the following questions: ‘Why am I moving? By what means of transport? And in what way?

And by everyone we mean policymakers, people from the transport industry, employers, employees, young people, the elderly, people with disabilities…. Absolutely everyone.

Reorganising and improving city traffic is key to achieving efficient and sustainable mobility for everyone, but also to creating new employment opportunities.

“Alone, you can make a difference, together we can make an impact”


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