Volvo Ocean Race and Clean Seas unite to combat plastic pollution in the ocean

8:55 am, 9 January 2018 | by SEN Team | Category:- Environmental Pollution, Sea Life

This is quite unfortunate for us that around the globe, oceans are going through a tragedy of plastic pollution. The amount of plastic that is finding its way to our oceans and beaches is terrific. About 40% of the world’s oceans are affected by billions of pounds of plastic.

For the eradication of plastic pollution of our oceans two organizations; Volvo Ocean Race and Clean Seas have taken a step ahead. These organizations have united for the noble cause to dig the solution of plastic pollution. Their main motto is to make the waves plastic free.

What is Volvo Ocean Race?

We must first know that what is “Volvo Ocean Race” in actual. Volvo Ocean Race is a yacht race that takes place around the world. It was established in 1973. This race takes place after three years. The initiating sponsor of this race was British White-bread brewing company. That is why on a formal note it is also called “White-bread Round the World Race.” Currently, its name, i-e. Volvo Ocean Race is because of its owner, a Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo car. In this race, 7 teams are participating. It started from Alicante, Spain in October 2017 and will finish at The Hague, Netherlands in June 2018. It is considered to be one of the toughest sailing events in sports history. Hundreds of local students are taking part in this race. They have a focus on interactive education and empowering the next generation.

What are Clean Seas?

Clean Seas is a campaign which was launched at the earliest time of this year, i-e. January 2017. Clean Seas wants to enlighten the plastic pollution project. It wants to aware people around the globe that how plastic pollution is increasing on a daily basis. Torn and twisted pieces of plastic swirling in seas and oceans have been giving us alarming signals about the level of plastic pollution. Clean Seas wants the public and private sectors to help in improvising the plastic management and stick to the noble cause of getting rid of plastic pollution by redesigning, reusing, recycling and recovering plastic.

Hence, for the betterment of seas and to put an end to plastic pollution, Sweden has joined hands with this campaign. Clean seas, a global initiative by UN Environment aims to minimize and end the litter harming marine life. The head of the UN Environment Erik Solheim appreciated the generous gesture of Sweden. He welcomed the strong support and emphasized that this support will help them in carrying out concrete actions.

 What is plastic pollution doing to marine life?

The marine habitats around the globe are rich in breathtakingly beautiful sights. The marine life offers undiscovered species as well as known lives with varying appearances and survival tactics. Unfortunately, the human carelessness is busy in increasing the ocean debris which is proving to be fatal for the underwater life. When plastic from terrestrial sources enters the water, it kills fish, seabirds and other marine mammals. According to surveys, around 250+ species are affected. So far the worst impact has been on turtle species (86%), followed by 44% of seabird species and 43% of other marine animals. Plastic pollution has been too cruel to these harmless species. Upon ingestion, suffocation, entanglement, drowning, and infections, marine species find it fatal to fight with plastic pollution. Oceanic currents transport the plastic objects, including the plastic bags, gloves, balls, wrappers, and ropes, etc. Migration of these objects marks the beginning of plastic pollution. Only humans are to be blamed for these fatalities. The good news is that several organizations are carrying out important work by providing solutions to get rid of plastic trash in the sea.

What these campaigns want us to do?

It is, from the beginning to the end, humans who are supposed to make a difference. Our simple acts which individually might not hold significance, but on a collective scale, they do a lot. Humans ruined the marine life with plastic pollution, and now we have to reverse the tragedy put our best efforts to remove the last piece of plastic from oceans. Authorities and governments must take initiation on a grand scale. One such effort includes a complete ban on usage of disposable plastics near the oceanic boundaries.

Clean Seas campaign joined by Volvo Ocean Race is taking strong concrete steps to make oceans plastic free. We all must show our moral and practical support to win this fight against plastic pollution,

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