Sustainable Living and Co-Housing Alicante

Project of cooperative housing creation, combining the co-housing model with the principles of self-sustainability, energy efficiency and positive social impact. It is a community designed and created by its own residents, in which cooperation between them is encouraged, with an understanding of well-being.

Currently, the current community property system does not allow for cooperation between residents, especially if they have some kind of reduced mobility, which means that these people are very lonely. As we age, we become sedentary and lonely, causing depression, premature aging, and other illnesses caused by this cause.

In the 80’s a group of young people in Denmark get together to decide the community in which they want to live, from there co-housing is created, where a group of people plan their future from buying the land together, plotting it and creating basic and affordable housing, where they encourage co-living and solidarity.

Eco-housing Alicante is a housing cooperative project, combining the co-housing model with the principles of self-sustainability, energy efficiency and positive social impact.

It is a type of collaborative housing that tries to overcome the alignment produced by the compartmentalization of current housing, in which no one knows their neighbors and in which there is no sense of community.

Its values are aligned with those of Christian Felber’s well-known Economics of the Common Good, and these are a foundation of basic principles that represent human values: trust, honesty, responsibility, cooperation, solidarity, generosity and compassion, among others.

These are modular single-family houses, of the passive solar type, using resources of the bio-climatic architecture combined with a much higher energy efficiency than traditional construction. These houses have very low energy consumption and offer a comfortable atmosphere all year round without the use of conventional heating. They would be designed as smart-houses, taking advantage of digital technologies at the service of the above-mentioned values.

There would be a specific common area for waste management, composting and a workshop for the re-use/recycling of various equipment. There is also a common laundry area, social club or living area. Playground, accessible children’s playground and adapted sports area.

This project is designed to be carried out, between the sea and the mountains, somewhere in the so-called region of Alacantí (Busot, El Campello, Aigues, Alicante, Agost, Jijona, Mutxamel, San Juan de Alicante, San vicente or Torremanzanas), accessible and with all the public services needed, from the circular economy, self-sufficiency, and the least environmental impact and the lowest environmental impact.

All this is seen from a social perspective of intergenerational coexistence, mutual support, accessibility for people with disabilities and/or dependency and solidarity, respecting the private spaces of each unit of coexistence.

Sustainable develpment goals reached

Sahara Forest Project – From vision to reality

Sahara Forest Project is a company that sparked the idea of turning the Sahara desert into a green area with the establishment of farmland amidst a waterless desert. They have a brilliant idea in greening efforts using advanced technology and working with several organizations.

Why did this idea arise? As we know that the Sahara desert becomes the world’s widest desert which looks so arid and hot. Therefore, this organization wants to turn the Sahara desert into a farm field that can benefit the community. So Sahara Forest Project is not only a company but also the best solution for the greening program. In this case, people who are living in the Sahara desert area will not find it difficult to find vegetables and fruits because they will choose a garden in the middle of the desert.

sustainable farming system
Photo by Sahara Forest Project


Sahara Forest Project hopes that the project will give more advantages in the future and they are going to build more and more green area where they are growing some plants, vegetables, and trees for the better desert environment. No wonder if the Sahara Desert will look so green a few decades from now on. This is a big scale project that embraces some organizations that supports the technology and facilities needed.

This is a proper step so that people will not feel suffocated to live in the desert area because some of the areas will be green. This is also important for our future generation so they will have a better environment to live and a sustainable farming system based on local production. Perhaps, the Sahara desert will be the lungs of the world in the future and this becomes a prevention of global warming. When people are busy to make our environments polluted, the Sahara Forest Project will provide a solution to balance the environment condition so that people can survive for a long period of time.

Sahara Forest Project would be the best solution to convert the hot Sahara desert into a beautiful green forest which gives a lot of benefits to the communities. This is a good way to provide a better environment and to prevent it from Global warming.

We Care Solar – Portable Solar Suitcases

We Care Solar is a program that helps mothers give a birth in good healthcare facilities with better power and lighting to save newborn babies in the world. They intend to give better electricity in order to make sure that pregnant women will give a birth comfortably with enough lighting. As we know that most of developing countries do not have enough power, especially for the communities who live in villages or isolated areas.

So, We Care Solar gives the best solution to facilitate a good healthcare with better electricity and make it brighter so doctors will easily handle patients, especially women who are going to give a birth in local healthcare facilities. It is not easy to do medical checkup at night because there is no sufficient lighting. In this case, doctors also doubt whether he conduct a delivery well with this dark condition. Therefore, We Care Solar has the initiative to provide better lighting for the doctors who are going to conduct a delivery as well as support their medical tools which need power.

Teaching at Mphunzi by

In addition, We Care Solar also works with some leading healthcare organizations to provide better health treatment for many communities in rural areas so that the health works will be more effective, fast, and timely in servicing their patients.

How do they provide electricity? Simply, We Care Solar will provide Solar Suitcases for many healthcare facilities in some developing countries. In fact, any people can also give some donation if they want to give Solar Suitcase to a certain clinic in other different areas. Later on, the Solar Suitcase will be installed and then it will support some medical tools which need electricity.

Is this program effective enough? Of course, there are more than 2000 Solar Suitcases that have been installed in some healthcare facilities in many different locations. This program has already helped more than ten thousands health workers and 1,5 million mothers who gave a birth to newborn babies.

Ecological latrines in San Ildefonso Ixtahuacán – Guatemala

This project of Architects Without Borders is based on the development and experimentation of technology of ecological latrines and to contribute to the local counterpart technical support in the project.

With this project in the area they have been developing the work and improving the living conditions of the population. On the other hand, the economy is being reactivated with the fertilizer they generate and that improves the quality of farmland.

This project is associated with a whole training and supervision program. Prior to the construction and use of the ecological latrines, training is imparted to the families who will use them. They become familiar with them and learn the proper use of them. Once delivered to its beneficiaries, a complete monitoring and monitoring process is carried out to ensure good use and check the acceptance of latrines in the day-to-day community. This project also encourages the use of manure generated for the land or the sale of the area.

Another of the lines of work of this project is the investigation of the latrines themselves to improve them in every way. Ease of transport, construction savings, cost reduction, design improvement, search for alternative materials available in the community environment, etc.

In the end everything converges in being able to create something that can generate local wealth and the community advances in every sense, both social, economic, ecological and participatory.

It’s Time to Stop the Dairy & Meat from Destroying the Climate

Vehicles are considered as the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emission. However, it shows different fact. Today, meat and dairy companies are known to emit more greenhouse gases than the combined exhaust from all transportation. Some oil companies like Shell and Exxon are not the only companies that we have to worry about, but meat and dairy companies also give a bad impact toward our environment.

Some meat and dairy companies in France and Germany argue that milk and meat are needed today regardless of the greenhouse effect they release. The facts show that the needs of milk and meat in both countries are more than enough. In fact, they can also produce milk and meat for export to other countries. Not only the greenhouse effect, these meat and dairy companies also have made the loss of some small-scale farmers.

We know that feeding this planet is also important, but saving our environment is also necessary. The government and politicians has to take lead in reducing the carbon emissions, they only needs to make a regulation and reduce the numbers of meat and dairy companies and then divert it to small-scale family farmers. Certainly, this can also help people financially.

A sustainable farming system based on local production, extensive grazing and ecological farms will only be truly sustainable if we drastically reduce meat and dairy consumption. Doing this the demand for meat and dairy will decreased.

animal agriculture pollution

Other  solution is to stop consuming products from big meat and dairy companies, most people have opted to start a vegan diet, but is something that corresponds to a personal decision of each one, according to its economic possibilities and its ideological premises. There is no biological criterion that can say that a diet is better than another if it is balanced alternatives, but it will definitely have a big positive impact on the environment and climate change.