International Environmental Conference

28 May, 2018 | by SEN Team

The International Environmental Fair take place in the International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogotá, Colombia and is the ideal platform for the promotion and commercialization of environmental goods, services, programs and projects in the Region, which will be echoed by entrepreneurs and government actors whose need is to implement technologies to improve their production processes and make strategic alliances aligned to world needs through academia and research.

The event will become the most important and remembered space for its ability to generate awareness and synergy between the needs and solutions that entrepreneurs, government, professionals, and society, in general, must provide for the protection of our non-renewable resources and act respectfully towards the environment, generating a real commitment to change. The Fair will encourage the development of companies that offer goods and services by bringing them closer to their potential customers.

The organizers invite everyone to participate from:

  • Professionals of the sector.
  • Representatives of companies looking for technology, inputs, environmental goods and services, partnerships and upgrades.
  • Owners, managers, directors of the Environmental area. Plant, quality, and assembly engineers.
  • Environmental consultants.
  • Project evaluation and licensing officers of the Ministry of the Environment
  • Officials of environmental, departmental, district, municipal and ministerial secretaries
  • Sanitary and environmental engineers. Professors of environmental faculties and programs.

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