Latin American Congress of renewable Energies 2018

15 January, 2018 | by SEN Team

We are delighted to announce the annual Latin American Congress of renewable Energies will take place in Argentina, Buenos Aires, in March 2018. The event will attract leaders from the solar and wind industry, auction winners, finance and warehousing experts, as well as technology vendors, regulators, manufacturers and industry agents in the Argentine and international renewable energy  market.

The industry in Latin America is poised to take a decisive role in climate change and renewable energies. The rapid expansion of renewable energies in the region has brought with it a shift towards a low-carbon economy.

The growth of renewables in Latin America envisages the increase of new long-term projects and the increase of financing by the main players of the market. Investing in these projects is crucial, offering unique opportunities for foreign investors to penetrate the industry or increase their market share.

Technological innovations have improved efficiency and reduced costs, thus increasing competition in the renewable energy sector. In some countries of the world – mainly in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and especially in Argentina – solar and wind power is dethroneing fossil fuels. It has been predicted that solar energy will be cheaper than coal for the year 2025. According to the International Energy Agency’s latest report, if demand continues to grow over the next 5 years, renewable energies will continue to be the most progressive source of electricity in the sector.

About the event program:

Wind energy

  • Development of wind projects
  • Wind Tech Outlook-evaluates innovative technology solutions
  • Profitable Acquisition Strategies
  • Project requirements and financing issues

SOLAR Energy

  • Evaluation of Argentine solar resources
  • Investment potential and ROI in photovoltaic projects
  • Distributed Solar generation/li>
  • Solar technology and innovations
  • Best practices in operations and O&M maintenance of the photovoltaic system
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