Sustainable Development and Planning 2018

26 July, 2018 | by SEN Team

Development and planning issues, which affect both rural and urban areas, are present in all areas of the world. The acceleration of urbanization has led to environmental degradation and loss of quality of life. Urban development can also worsen the problems faced by rural areas, such as forests, mountainous regions, coastal areas and many others. Taking into account the interaction between different regions and developing new methodologies for monitoring, planning and implementing innovative strategies can offer solutions to mitigate environmental pollution and unsustainable use of available resources.

Planners, environmentalists, architects, engineers, policymakers, and economists need to work together to ensure that planning and sustainable development can meet our current needs without compromising the capacity of future generations.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly construction approaches have become an important part of modern development, with particular emphasis on optimizing resources. Planning plays a key role in ensuring that these solutions, as well as new materials and processes, are incorporated as efficiently as possible.

The Sustainable Development and Planning 2018 conference will bring together academics, policy makers, practitioners and other stakeholders from around the world to discuss the latest developments in this field. The conference will discuss new academic findings and their application to planning and development strategies, assessment tools and decision-making processes.

Some of the Conference Topics

The following list covers some of the topics to be presented at the conference.

  • Regional planning
  • City planning
  • Sustainability and the built environment
  • Cultural heritage
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental policies and planning
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Resources management
  • Impact assessment of urban expansion
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Rural developments
  • Sustainable solutions in emerging countries
  • Transportation
  • Energy resources and savings
  • Urban utility networks
  • Climate change
  • Urban mining
  • Urban architecture
  • Waste management

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