Sustainable urban development on the Mediterranean Coast

15 January, 2018 | by SEN Team

Most of the Mediterranean coasts suffer from the constant urban growth, due to the economic importance that tourism refers to. However, due to the impact that the effects of climate change will have on these cities, it is important to take common actions that minimize the effects produced and develop sustainable solutions in time in harmony with the environment.

The aim of the event  is to bring together different agents of change, to build a more sustainable city. Know what is being done in the city of Alicante and what actions are being taken to impact the different challenges of a territory in constant development.

All the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast have a challenge to face. Through work together we can create strategies to design and share real solutions. The challenges facing cities today require a holistic, systemic and multidisciplinary approach that encompasses different fields of specialization and disciplines such as urban planning, urban design, urban engineering, systems analysis, Policy formulation, social sciences and entrepreneurship.

It is expected that the countries of the Mediterranean coast in particular of the South and of the east grow almost in 82 million inhabitants, where at least one third will live in coastal urban areas. If this is not controlled, these growth rates can only aggravate current problems, which are already alarming, as illustrated by the low levels of social cohesion, the spread of poverty, the expansion of informal settlements, the levels Increasing air pollution, inadequate supply of drinking water, inefficient waste management and the accumulated effects on the health of the population.

The inhabitants of the Mediterranean are much more aware of the threats of their surroundings and the value of their historical, cultural and natural heritage. Political initiatives are important, but so are the solutions that arise from the citizen, the company, the organizations.

In this way we invite you to be part of the sustainable urban development of the city taking the first steps to understand the principles that are essential to transform the Mediterranean coasts into a fair, prosperous and sustainable place to live.

About the event program:

  • The challenge of a sustainable city on the Mediterranean coast.
  • Environmental sustainability in the companies of Alicante.
  • Eco-entrepreneuring and innovating from the sustainable.
  • Civil society and Sustainable development.

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