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Sustainable Living and Co-Housing Alicante / Mayra Lacruz

9:39 am, 28 March 2018

Project of cooperative housing creation, combining the co-housing model with the principles of self-sustainability, energy efficiency and positive social impact. It is a community designed and created by its own residents, in which cooperation between them is encouraged, with an understanding of well-being. Currently, the current community property system does not allow for cooperation between ...

Susceptibility map of mass movements in the southern slope of Avila / Mayra Lacruz

9:30 am, 28 March 2018

The mass movements that originate on the southwestern flank of the Avila, as observed in the analysis of the risk carried out in this work, cause numerous economic losses since many neighborhoods in the area are very susceptible to this threat, in view of the urban expansion of the city that has caused many settlements Constraints, triggers and erosive factors affecting mass movements in the mo...

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Oslo, Norway

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Oslo, Norway

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