We Care Solar – Portable Solar Suitcases

27 December, 2017 | by SEN Team

We Care Solar is a program that helps mothers give a birth in good healthcare facilities with better power and lighting to save newborn babies in the world. They intend to give better electricity in order to make sure that pregnant women will give a birth comfortably with enough lighting. As we know that most of developing countries do not have enough power, especially for the communities who live in villages or isolated areas.

So, We Care Solar gives the best solution to facilitate a good healthcare with better electricity and make it brighter so doctors will easily handle patients, especially women who are going to give a birth in local healthcare facilities. It is not easy to do medical checkup at night because there is no sufficient lighting. In this case, doctors also doubt whether he conduct a delivery well with this dark condition. Therefore, We Care Solar has the initiative to provide better lighting for the doctors who are going to conduct a delivery as well as support their medical tools which need power.

Teaching at Mphunzi by wecaresolar.org

In addition, We Care Solar also works with some leading healthcare organizations to provide better health treatment for many communities in rural areas so that the health works will be more effective, fast, and timely in servicing their patients.

How do they provide electricity? Simply, We Care Solar will provide Solar Suitcases for many healthcare facilities in some developing countries. In fact, any people can also give some donation if they want to give Solar Suitcase to a certain clinic in other different areas. Later on, the Solar Suitcase will be installed and then it will support some medical tools which need electricity.

Is this program effective enough? Of course, there are more than 2000 Solar Suitcases that have been installed in some healthcare facilities in many different locations. This program has already helped more than ten thousands health workers and 1,5 million mothers who gave a birth to newborn babies.

Northern Region, Nigeria,,Kano,Nigeria
12 April 2011
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We Care Solar use a local contract manufacturer in California to assemble Solar Suitcases