Clean-Way software construction and demolition waste recycling

26 October, 2017 | by SEN Team

Clean-Way Ltd. is an innovative waste management company aiming to maximize the collection and recycling of construction and demolition waste in Hungary.

Being one of the leading companies with expertise in C&D waste management, the management launched an R&D project in order to maximise the reuse and recycling of C&D generated in Hungary.

The final outcome of this project is an ICT tool: the Clean-Way software, which can help every stakeholder of the construction industry: municipalities, constructors, waste recyclers.

The software collects and shows real-time data to all users about the following:

– Site information is listed: all construction sites where C&D waste is being generated

– Location is shown: the sites are located on a map, using different – Data of producer: C&D waste generating company and contact details

– C&D waste: Amount and EWC code of the C&D waste

– Data on material wanted: not only generated waste, but also “wanted” material can be registered, to help the match between producers and users of the material

– Stakeholders access: usage can be different according to the stakeholder (constructor generating waste, constructor looking for by-product or recycled material, authority)

The software can help in creating a link between the demolition site and the new construction site. It reduces transport cost, environmental emissions related to a low cost material. We would like to highlight the benefits and the potential uses of the software, and start a regional or national discussion about the introduction of innovative (ICT) tools in waste management.

Our aim is to maximise waste reuse, save cost and reduce environmental emissions!

Krisztián Petrovszki