E-Waste Program the Best Way to Collect Electronic Garbage

7 November, 2017 | by SEN Team

In this modern era, there are so many electronic devices that have been manufactured and they now become garbage that can pollute the environment. Many people do not know what to do with their broken phones, computers, and televisions, so they just throw their unused electronic devices to landfill. Meanwhile, these unused electronic devices can actually be recycled so they do not pollute the environment. Fortunately, there is an important solution to solve this electronic garbage problem, especially for those who live in India. It is E-Waste Program that can help people in India solve their Electronic waste issues.

The Solution 

E-Waste is a program that aims to train waste pickers in India to be recognized as a formal waste picker to collect some electronic waste such as smartphones, TVs, computers, and others so that these products can be recycled. The waste pickers will use special waste boxes in green accent and then they look for electronic waste from home to home or through socialization. There are about 2000 garbage pickers who have been trained to deal with electronic garbage for the purpose of recycling and safe disposal. Certainly, this program is very beneficial for society and environment.

electronic waste recycling
Villagers stand amongst piles of E-Waste in the village of Sangrampur, located south of Kolkata in north-east India. Globally, it is estimated that approximately 50 million tonnes of eWaste are produced annually which much of it ending up in countries such as India. Image by Sean Gallagher. India, 2013.

Benefits of E-waste Program

This program can help Indian citizens provide new jobs so they can meet their daily needs. This program was initiated by Chintan in collaboration with Delhi’s Pollution Control Committee to train waste pickers so they can improve their ability to collect garbage to keep the environment clean and uncontaminated. Another benefit is to collect e-waste for safe disposal because electronic garbage contributes bigger impact toward the environment pollution. This program is also part of going green program to protect the world from dangerous materials that may damage ecosystem and nature. Next, once the waste pickers collect some electronic garbage, then the garbage will be recycled to reuse again or it may be converted into high-quality products that are useful for all of the people.

This effort will reduce methane emission, reduce overall energy consumption, generate green jobs for waste pickers, and much more.

,New Delhi,Delhi,India
1 October 2011
Safai Sena & Delhi's Pollution Control Committee
Other Comments

A large part of their work under this programme is undertaken in partnership with an association of waste recyclers, Safai Sena