Improves environmental quality and management of hospital waste

13 November, 2017 | by ASFES

Inhambane is a province of Mozambique located on the south coast of the country.

Health-care Key facts: Of the total volume of waste generated by health-care activities, the 85% is overall. The remaining 15% is measured unsafe material that may be infectious, lethal or radioactive. Every year an estimated 16 billion injections are managed worldwide, but not all of the needles and syringes are appropriately disposed of afterwards. Health-care waste holds potentially harmful microorganisms, which can contaminate hospital patients, health workers and the general community. In some situations is incinerated, and dioxins, furans and other poisonous air pollutants may be shaped as emissions.

The main objective of this project was to improve the environmental quality and the hospital waste management system in the province of Inhambane designing a protocol for the management of hospital waste from working sessions with local technicians and experts in the field. Also the design and construction of waste management modules in 4 hospital centers and the recruitment of hospital facilities in both the Protocol and the use of the modules.

We have worked on other projects in Mozambique such as sustainable mobility in public spaces

4 January 2016
Counterpart and collaborators: Provincial Health Directorate of Inhambane and Polytechnic University of Catalonia