Take part, it all depends on our action!

7 December, 2017 | by SEN Team

Awareness and education for development

The project “takes part, everything depends on our action”, aimed to promote the participation of the children and adolescents of the city of Alicante, with a global vision, as a mechanism to improve and transform the reality in which they live, to their measure and the identification of situations that infringe the right to a dignified and sustainable habitat.

The project was created creating spaces for participation, debate and the formulation of proposals for improvement on the right to housing and a dignified and sustainable habitat.

Through dynamics, games and spaces for debate and reflection, democratizing experiences were shared that aimed to channel proposals, better understand their rights and duties, and implement the mechanisms that facilitated their exercise as full citizens, have voice and opinion and be heard, create a common manifesto that supports your requests and divulge it to the rest of the community.

The Project TP!, was aimed at children and adolescents between the ages of 9 to 16 years and representatives of all the realities of the city. The activity was in charge by the group of education for the development of Architecture Without Frontiers of Alicante (ASF)

There was a high civic participation in the different debates and workshops (the right to housing and decent and sustainable habitat). All the opinions and proposals made by the participants were collected and compiled to create the manifesto of proposals, the final phase of the project consisted in the diffusion of the participatory process that the children and the exhibition of the Common manifesto and the manifestos of proposals.

10 January 2017