Sea Level Rise MAP & Solutions

sea level rise - THE FLOOD MAP

See how much flooding could happen in your coastal area.

We Can Take Action To Protect Our Coastal Communities

Flooding due to sea level rise is a big challenge, but there are solutions to keep our coastal communities safe. Individuals, mayors, governors, and Congress can work together to build protections before flooding, to build back stronger after flooding, and to create plans that future-proof our communities.

Proactive Protection

We need to protect our communities before major flooding damage happens and not wait for a disaster to strike. 

Building Back Stronger And Smarter

After flooding and natural disasters, we need to make our communities stronger so that they don’t face the same problem again.

Future-Proofing Our Communities

We need to set building codes and plan green infrastructure that can withstand the changes we know are coming.

Conservative Planning

We need to take a hard look at the risks of sea level rise and flooding and make realistic financial plans – just like any business hedges against risk.

Check the project of the Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation about GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE FOR COASTAL RESILIENCE - An amazing and ecological solution: