What we do

We work with a strategic program called “Sustainable Pathway” to build models, guidelines, increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire personal action on these issues.

Participative events


We create and organized green events in an attempt to raise more awareness and to contribute to a better world. nature’s wellbeing became important and people started to think about their own place in the world and their impact on the Earth’s fragile ecosystems.

We also help companies to save resources while also creating a positive reputation, promotes feedback, participation and is the best opportunity to showcase your sustainable initiatives.

Circular economy workshops


We work with companies to redesign their “linear” business model following the principles of the circular economy (from “take, manufacture and waste” processes to “Reduce, reuse and recycle”).

Through a tailor-made “co-creation workshop” and using design thinking we enable companies to communicate their commitment to the circular economy and how to identify new opportunities and involve the stakeholders.

Educational program and Environmental Awareness


We unite efforts to teach school children about take care of the environment and sustainable living. Love and affection about the nature should be created amongst them, for that we create a program to children design the future sustainable cities they would live while they play at the same time.

green urban rooftops

Socio-environmental innovation


We have detected the social and needs of cities, for this reason we are developing and collaborating with various projects related to the area of mobility, urban development and awareness.

The social innovation projects carried out allow the cities to have the integration between the different actors with the environment

SEN Events

I Conference Sustainable Urban Development on the Mediterranean coast in Alicante - Spain 2018

I Conference Sustainable Urban Development on the Mediterranean coast of Valencia - Spain 2018

In the event we have achieved the expected synergies both in the discussion tables and in the workshops and we have also gathered experts taking action for a sustainable city, we have known first hand the current projects that benefit the Sustainable Development of the city of Valencia by bringing together public and private initiatives, academia and civil society. To learn more click here

Last SEN activities

Upcoming SEN events

Circular Economy Workshop - Alicante - Spain 28th Dicember

More details soon…